IBPS PO 2012 Question Paper of 17th June 2nd CWE for PO/MT

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Today i.e on 17th June, 2012, IBPS had conducted the 2nd Common Written Exam (CWE) for Probationary Officers / Management Trainees.The exam is conducted at several venues in the country in Evening and Morning Shifts.It is expected that close to 1 million students are appearing for this exam.Most of these students have already appeared in the Ist IBPS PO Exam held in Students held on 18th September, 2012, but few students are trying their luck for the first time in the IBPS PO Exam 2012

Early reviews about the IBPS PO Question paper 2012 suggests that the paper was a bit tough than the previous IBPS Paper.Some students are saying like that, "This is the toughest ever PO paper in the Bank exams History". A few are saying that " IBPS ne Barbaad kar Diya" i.e IBPS had ruined our career.

In this article we will discuss the Pattern and the nature of Questions asked in the IBPS PO Question Paper of 17th June, 2012 (Morning Shift). Those students who appeared in the IBPS Exam on 17th June, 2012 are requested to share the Questions and their views about the Question Paper.

Here are some of the Questions that were asked in the General Awareness Section of the Morning Shift of IBPS PO Exam on 17th June, 2012.

1) Smart Money Refers to ?

2) Which among the following is not the Functions of RBI ?

3) Who is the Chief guest on the Bharat Prvaasi Divas ?

4) Banking Ombudsman  is applicable to ?

5) In case a person is not satisfied with the Banking Ombudsman he can further make complaint to?

6) A question is asked on Draft Payee ?

7) Which Indian player had won the Australian Open 2012 ?

8) Who among the following is the author of Book titled " Nirbhsham" ?

9)  Who among the following is the Women CEO of a Bank ?

10) India recently voted against Sri Lanka in the UN Assembly over which issue ?

11) A few days ago, two Italian ships were captured and Detained as they were involved in the ?

12) Which among the following documents in not required to open a Bank Account ?

13) NREPA that was recently inducted in the Indian Navy is a ?

14) Which mechanism is used to transferring money in between International Banks ?

15) Ranbir Rapport was awarded with Best Award in IIFA for which film ?

16) At which place Afro Asian athletics championship was held recently ?

17) If the difference between the income and expenditure is Zero (0) then budget is called

18) Which Scheme is launched by Indian Government to provide electrification in Rural areas

19) RBI had recently approved Non Banking Organizations to provide ATM Facilities called as

20) Who is Australian Cricket captain of the India-Australia Test Series held in January 2012 ?

21) Mario Monti was recently presented which award ?

22) Panch Parmeshwar Yojna is recently launched by which state of India ?

23) Which among the following is not a Money Market Instrument ?

24) What is a Debit Card ?

25) Which among the following facilities is not provided by LinkedIn ?

Update: We will soon update the remaining questions that were asked in the General Awareness Sections and also in the Other Sections of the IBPS PO Question Paper 2012.Students are requested to Share the Questions in the Comments Section and also on the IBPS PORTAL Facebook Page

Experts Analysis on --> IBPS PO 2012 Cut off Marks

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100 comments for "IBPS PO 2012 Question Paper of 17th June 2nd CWE for PO/MT"

  1. what is the next date for exam of IBPS IT officers BUT NOT IN REGNIONAL RURAL BANK (RRRB)? what is salary of it officer in ibps ? pls give me full details of it

  2. Yea IBPS ne Bar"bad" kar diya..............

  3. Thanking 4 sharing these questions..:)
    21. its not mario monti its Mario D Miranda, he was posthumously awarded the Padma Vibhushan.
    15th question is Ranbir Kapoor won the 57th national film award for his which film? ans- rockstar

  4. Today's IBPS CWE PO exam was very tough compare to previous PO exam its like a SBI PO exam. very time taking

  5. :( :( paper shud be set again... we shud do vote against dis EXAM.... it's totally cheating wid us.... :( :( how can dey change REASONING PATEERN... :( :( dere were only tough puzzle nd tough ques in tat sectn... except dis Quant sucked us..... I am not a fresher who just took dis exam fr cracking any joke.. i was preapring for dis exam since 8 months approx.... n dis is much tym fr prepartn of dis exam... n I found IBPS authority Cheated wid us :( :( who d hell set dis paper... it was not fr Banking level... it ws totally SSC level paper.......... Really IBPS RUINED OUR Career or u can say our most precious tym :( :(

  6. I wrote IBPS for the first time. And I have decided not to write IBPS any more. Because one of the question sets in Reasoning section consumed 20 minutes of my time which made me frustrated. I think the question was given wrong i.e., the Seating Arrangements of the Family members question in the afternoon session. Remaining sections are Okay but I do not have enough time to solve them.

  7. yaa this is a toughest paper ever i had.
    Dont only freshers but proffessional students who is preparing for exam have fingers crossed for this exam. bcoz they also have less chanses to pass.....
    forget about other student....

  8. 2nd IBPS is too tough as compare to privious po xms held,i think ibps is jst want to harassng students by taking fees much,nd offerng less vacancy.it is vry pathetic

  9. the question paper was really tough, especially the two puzzle questions which contained too many twists and no. of questions were more(8 to 9 in each)

  10. its really strange .. i've never seen these type of data interpretation in IBPS exam... but that seating arrangement question consumes 15 minutes to solve... more time should be given... or they should lower the qualifying cut off marks..

  11. Another question is,
    Who is the chief guest of Pravasi Bharatiya Divas of 2012?
    Ans : Ms Kamla Persad Bissessar
    FYI, She is Prime Minister of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

  12. Yes the question paper was very tough! Even I too agree with Patel Chirag,
    The question in reasoning section with circular arrangement and family members took 20 minutes time in solving.
    Reasoning pattern took lots of time.
    Paper shoulkd be set again or they should do justice in reducing the cut off percentage since all the sections are very tough. Disappointed badly! :( :(

  13. A toughest paper .... The history has never seen. Even Individual banks conducted PO exam have done good job. But who knows with what intention IBPS prepared those typical question which probabaly not enough to finish if we sit for 4 hours. Is it the impact of Billion appeared for exam ?

  14. etna hard question po exam ke history mae kavi nae aya tha

  15. etna hard question bank po ke history me kavi nae aya tha eska matlab hae ki aapo ab po ka preparation ke liye po previous year set ki jarurat nae hogi balki cat,zat ya mat exam ki prev. paper ki jarurat hogi...
    wakae me ibps ne barbad kar dala

  16. Dear friends,it is my request that we have to take a decision on ibps. Yesterday exam was very tough.so we lost 6 months preparation and next 6 months because we will not qualify in 17th june exam. Totally we lost one year. So if ibps cancell,we have 19 exams which is so comfort us.

  17. i have also found paper very difficult.. particularly reasoning portion..the one who set the paper also cannot do the reasoning paper in whole time of 2.30hrs..candidates scoring 135-150 can get chance in good banks

  18. It wasted our time this is really cheating both maths as well as reasoning are time taking

  19. ITS TRUE.......... IBPS was very tough, it was injustice to the applicants who appeared in IBPS P.O yesterday. Yesterday while giving the paper I was thinking whether I had appeared for a Bank P.O paper or some scientific paper. IBPS should not have done that............. For God's sake if IBPS keeps on continuously harassing applicants in this way, then its better to remove this pattern, and let the banks start recruiting individually, that scope is much better as because, people won't have to wait for 6 months for appearing in a bank p.o paper

  20. I simply want this 2nd IBPS paper to be re held once again with correct format of question paper and a little bit easier task in quantitative aptitude.

  21. This was totally disguisting, i can bet on any1 whoever had set this paper was an Idiot. He himself couldn't be able to solve this on time. Was this a Joke, i am not a layman in the field of Bank Exams, but this year the paper was pathetic. I had such high hopes for this Exam, but was really frustrated when saw the paper. One more thing i would like to ask IBPS is that when IBPS says a person has cleared an Exam, he should get a job inspite of all odds. One should not declare a person passed but not eligible for applyng for a Bank. They should not declare a person pass with a marks of 135 something, because it could just be a case of an "Pass Certificate" which is not valid. Consequently, was forced to go for a toss ystrday and select the answers randomly because of the shortage of the time.

    Would appreciate if you could advise on it.

    Banking Exam Aspirant
    Pat Prior.

  22. I totally agree with all of you'll. The paper was very time taking..

  23. Dnt frustrate guys evry1 had suffered this they wil have to pass students 4 times of required vaccancy for this they wil giv bonus marking by Linear Transformation method as it was done last time. So just wait for result.

  24. The question paper of evening session specially reasoning was really very tough. The questions related to seating arrangment were very much twisted. Last years PO exam was very much easy as compared to yesterday exam. This question of reasoning were made to just fail the students.

  25. Who the hell prepared this question. i started with GK,Comp awareness and then when i moved to apps,i totally lost interest in exam. Totally Very much frustrated.Paper setters should use their brain before setting such questions. Very very lengthy questions too. :):)


  27. quantitative aptitude was very tough

  28. seriosly mujhe to ye lagta hai ki paper isliye banaya tha ki koi bhi "MAAI KA LAAL" solve na kar paye..maine quant aur reasoning 1hr 40 minuts me kiye dono me around 28 questions..but after attempting english and general awareness i was unable to even touch the comp section but still i did around 10-12 ques(time hi nahi bacha,,:( :( :()

  29. Very very bad IBPs we dont want IBPS not only for me all og them maximun

  30. Yeah...i agree with all u guys...it was really tough

  31. I am prepairing for banking exam since 2010 and have attended several po and cleark exam since then but the ibps po 2012 exam 2nd shift is the toughest exam of my life not only in banking life but in my accademic career also. all the five section of evening session were so tough that i could not able to attend 25 question in average.i can definitly say hardly one in a thousand may pass in the evening session.in evening session's genral awearness section atleast 35 or more are from banking releated and even tough.in computer section i thing the question were came from too inside that even a computer teacher mat also toil to answer those.english section was ok not so hard or easy.my exam went so bad that i am thinking to stop further applying for any exam.i am very sorry.....................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!??????????

  32. Absolutely stunned!!!!!!!!!
    What a question paper? i started doubting whether it was a IAS exam. really general awareness, english and computer where good, but i exhausted seeing the reasoning and quantitative aptitude area. it was soooooooooo difficult to solve in the prescribed time.(it took me one hour for reasoning). this is not at all fair. the first exam was really easy. but they have changed the entire level of the exam. GREAT DISAPPOINTMENT. as i really prepared for it.

  33. even i found the seating arrangement question to be wrong. it consumed more time than required, that too without arriving at an answer. moreover, the invigilator in our room gave the answer sheet and booklets altogether at 9:45 am. we were waiting for the announcement to be made to start the test after filling the details in answer sheet. after 15 mins, wen someone asked he says, 'ya u can start writing'.. we lost approx 15 mins in dat n even the papers were collected 20 mins before time(we started answering at 10 am and submitted papers at 12:10 am.. utterly disgusting..!!

  34. @'Story of ma life': I completely agree with you. The reasoning questions sucked big time. I would say it was the lamest paper ever!

    @'Darling Raju': yeah, even I think that relationship seating arrangement question was wrong. What the hell man... really pissed me off!

  35. Yes. The IBPS exam held on June 17 was one of the weirdest and toughest exam ever written by me. I even thought SSC exams were simpler.. Usually it's the other way around..
    The General Awareness questions was okay, but a bit tough too.. Even the answer choices of "What is a debit card"?" question took my time. The computer section questions were so tough that only a professional in that field would be able to correctly answer those questions.
    English section took a good part of my time as I had to read the comprehension passage twice to understand what the "author" meant!!!
    And the seating arrangement questions.. omg.. those were, to be frank, brilliant questions.. I had to draw atleast 8-10 possible pictures to understand the correct seating positions. Still then, it took around 15-20 minutes of my time.

    Overall, the questions were tough, tough and tough!!!! Im hoping, the cut off mark for this exam will have to be lowered to atleast 15-18 from 24 of previous PO exam..

  36. PAPER was very togh . How can they change sudenlly the pattern of exam especilally of reasoning???? it was better when every bank took their own exam bcoz atleast we had some expectation that we can apply for next bank .

  37. right IBPS is playing with candidates career, i have qualified in IBPS 2011, but no interview call yet and 2012 exam is again no hope. why the hell is this???????????????????? totally disappointed :( :(

  38. sir anyways exam had gone very bad so atleast as you people had said twice a year po and clerk wil conduct so pls announce the next date of po as soon as possible so that many of students would prepare and write the exam well kindly pls help the students

  39. I think many students were harassed by ibps pattern on 17th PO exms,its a graet loss of chance fr us.Qns r vry tough as compare to previous Po exms,From our point of view IBPS should conduct once again dis PO exm,dis matter sud b discussed by IBA nd IBPS board members,By sittng in high position der preparng dis tough qns is vry easy,difficult to solve, bt we asking dat is they(question makers) hv ability to solve dat pattern with in limited time.so Ibps sud consider our problems,otherwise we will take the help of law....So jago friends nd vote against IBPS.......

  40. dear admin, when can be the next expected ibps date in this year 2012...can you please update...

  41. toughest exam till now.....was quite equal to CAT exam particularly reasoning.......so no chance to crack ipbs po exam this time..

  42. One advice, Instead of conducting 4 exams in a year, conduct only 2 (One PO and one clerk) which is best for the educated unemployed. What are we facing now..? 4 exams in a year, which results to less number of vacancies, compelled to tough questions like recently conducted PO. If these practice goes on than we will be compelled to labelled IBPS as "Business institution" or "Profit organisation". To appear in this exam is like unnecessary spending of money. If this issue is discussed and implemented than it will be very helpful. Thank you.

  43. I think,IBPS should consider the over all merit not individual for these exam due to paper was unexpectedly tough.

  44. I feel Reasoning Section was tough. I could only manage to do 8 Questions...Rest sections were okay...On an average I did 20 questions in each of these sections...Was my paper okay then...? What is average performance in IBPS PO Exam....?


  45. Be prepare for IBPS clerk - 12,Paper pattern will be same.difficultiy level will too high.Do not refer pervious year paper becuase exam difficuly level is now high.Reuqest all the candidate refer practice book like RS agrwal for reasoning and Maths and pratiyogita darpan for Genral awareness for last 8 months (approx)then only you will score minimum qualifying marks

  46. The PO exam 17/06/2012 was a very disappointing experience to most of the candidates who attended the exam at that centre. Here are a few things I would like to point out:

    1. Bad organisation: As per the call letter, the exam was supposed to start at 9.00 AM, but we were not given the papers until 10.00 AM. But the papers were promptly taken away at 12.00 PM sharp. So, we did not get the actual time of two and a half hours that the paper was set for in order to attempt the questions fully, so inspite of knowing several answers, I could not complete the paper.

    2. Horrible invigilation: The invigilator who was appointed to our class did not seem to have any idea on how much time he was allowed to take to take signatures and thumb impressions from candidates, when the exam was to start, and when the papers were to be taken away. He took forever to take simple signatures. We were not given any clear instructions on when to start and when to stop, there were no audible bells that would atleast let us know it was time.

    Even if we overlook the time that was wasted in signatures, we cannot possibly overlook the fact that no clear-cut instructions were given to candidates, which is the most important thing, as its the candidates' futures and careers at stake and not the invigilator's or the organiser's. Due to such blunders, eligible candidates pay the price due to someone else's mistakes, which is extremely unfair.

    I hope IBPS takes necessary actions in order to avoid such blunders in the future examinations, so that the examination is successful and all candidates get a fair chance to prove themselves.

  47. The question paper was too tough.min merit will be less than 100

  48. i hav passed IBPS in sept which was of no use coz my score was 128 only but this time they hav bot only changed few pattern but d exm was more tough than previous!!!

  49. it was very tough time in the exam hall... it is very difficult to answer aptitude and reasoning in the given time... ibps is playing with aspirants who want to grab a government job... :(

  50. IBPS paper was really tough as compared to previous year,the question paper was really set like a puzzling many of my friends we really took lotz of time to solve the reasoning subject, which i thought ll complete my reasoning in 25 mins b4 d exams bt it took almost 50 mins to do dat resulted in which i lost my English section.

  51. question related mali coup
    ranbir kapoor rockstar

  52. IBPS should be banned immediately and let the previous mechanism to take place again wherein each bank separately take their exam.

  53. hi friends did any 1 hav afternoon session question paper if s can u mail to this id chandrashekharneeruganti@gmail.com

  54. Hi All :)

    Yes Paper Was Tough... GA was commonly tough for both the sessions... more of Banking and less of Current Affairs. But I dont think Cut-off would be any low in this exam too... it will be a '24' again for all the sections.
    And Yeah even i had a similar experience like Yamini Sharma as mentioned above : but we were fortunate enough that paper was given on time. But later we realised that it went in vain as we had another Bumper Offer at our exam center (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Hyderabad). They had a Central Mike system, which initially seemed to be a good facility but later to our surprise... infact a shock... the lady from the mike was literally irritating every half an hour. She speaks for a minute. ALl this is just to inform the students how much time they are left with. And last half-an-hour was literally terrible... really irritating... i felt like throwing that paper and leaving... after all IT WAS MY EXAM how could i do that ! :(
    ** And another usual thing which almost all the candidates face is the thumb impression & signatures. It wouldn't be a problem if it is exactly the same time for all the candidates. WHY CANT IT BEFORE THE EXAM ??
    *** One of the flaws which atleast I think about the IBPS is that, below 135 guyz are no way going to get any calls (atleast as per last time statistics). For every bank the TOP 5000 people will always be a competition. IBPS really needs to work out some solution for this. They are freezing the score card. But it is after they sign the offer letter :( :(

  55. Agree.. Difficulty level was too high in reasoning .. I m sure of clearing all five sections except maths .. Reasoning took 65 minutes , then I went for other sections quickly , cleared all but for maths section only 9 minutes were left, which was impossible to score 24 marks ..! IT Questions were hard as well .. Answering 250 Qs in 150 mins is not a joke at all but because of the poor arrangements 20 minutes were wasted just in filling the form and signing into the forms..

    It seems like IBPS committee has set the papers really tough so as the lesser number of students clears the exam, may be they want to match the rest of the pass students from previous exam to bank vacancies..

  56. @Yamini Sharma
    Sorry to hear that.. The questions were so tough that 2.5 hrs wasn't good enough for the exam. And still you had only 1.5 hrs to write the exam which isn't very cool. This should be reported to IBPS via common@ibps.org. This isn't fair. But I don't think any kind of help would be provided for you from IBPS side. But atleast, this should be a good leason for IBPS and the so called "invigilators". There are invigilators who don't even know what IBPS is. All they care about is Rs 500 given at the end of the day for their "invigilation". They don't care about the students or the unemployed people writing the exam.

  57. Didn't gave IBPS PO Exam last year,so had no idea on difficulty.
    So,I attempted in pressure and guesses.Even if I knew all English questions,missed 14 questions,so sad for it.
    Reasoning and Quantitative sections made me knew my level :)
    Reasoning no comments,others sections seemed to be in competition too.Hats off to all those who atleast did 15 in all sections correct.
    Pray for me too and my guesses.

  58. very hard paper of po on june 17,2012.it is a fraud.and moreover it was started to avoid multiple exams by every bank then why they are taking SEPARATE exam for RRB'S.It seems IBPS OR CENTRAL govt has no policy.It is a serious matter that every dept of every govt is shortage of staff public's services are suffering,non of the govt is thinking about it.This democracy is TOTAL fraud.

  59. In morning session we we entered in exam hall
    i was well assured to get more maeks as i got in clerical exam of ibps(175) because i had worked hard for this exam.
    But when paper appeared and i started doing questions i could not answer and justifie my prepration which i did for this
    firat question was of mchine input i planned to do it later
    next question was of circular arrangement. I think it took more then 10 to 12 mints but was remained unsolved.with broken hart ivswigched to next one was arrangment in line. Which was also tough one and could not do it i thoughtt lets do statement assumption but they were also hard nut to crack
    finnaly i decidedvjuat to pass nd started doing nonverbal.
    Hats off to u ibps papersetter to demoralise ibps aspirants god bless u

  60. Hi Guys, here is my assessment of the 17 june IBPS paper. I am a civil service aspirant and gave my first attempt this year and also this was my first attempt at any other bank paper.
    After giving the CSAT paper of UPSC and giving IBPS paper I am shocked.
    Reasoning--unreasonable reasoning I mean how can one set 50 questions like that with circle, table problems being the toughest. This is simply a blunt attempt of IBPS to fail maximum people in that section. My rating 8.5/10 (10 being the most difficult)
    Quant--Typical RS Aggarwal questions without any thought paper setter blindly put the questions as S\he was releasing shit.My Rating 7.5/10
    GK--In Hindi only one word "tucchha" section. I was seriously surprised that bank people are interested in Michael Clarke and Rockstar!!! I attempted 49 Questions all correct in just 12-15 minutes what a stupid section it was. Only Rajiv Gandhi Electrification question confused me. rating 0.2/10
    Computer--Seriously if the setter of this section meet me I will ask him a question -- above which number key "prt sc" is located in Asus laptop? Is this is a question?? I mean I am B.Tech graduate in CSE. How can you ask question related to software like Word or powerpoint on a national level exam?? The type of questions asked in this section seriously has no sar paar (head and leg) they asked for the sake of asking this is ridiculos this simply show the standard of IBPS paper setters. rating --cant give because it was not a section after all in my view.
    English--the only dam decent portion in the entire paper. Passage was too easy just a 5 min game. Jumble question again 3-4 min game. Last question filling blanks again 3 min game. attempted all and hoping 96% accuracy. Rating 4/10
    Overall view -- I am not clearing this exam because in Quant and Reasoning I failed badly. Well good experience but pretty sure you just anyhow clear the cut off of these two sections than scoring 190+ is a cakewalk (haluwa) seeing the other three sections. I gave this only for practice paper as I heard there is subjective paper also so want to check my speed in real in examination hall while writing essay and precis.
    Comments are welcome and all the best for all.

  61. we request ibps not to play in students life ... 6months preparation totally gone waste.. ibps is only money motive both from banks and students they getting money but think about the students life how many people dreaming about banking job .. if any more question paper sets like this paper na then candidates life will go as dream

  62. this examination pattern is very easy ..nd exm should be like this
    because so we can now get 2 knw who is bap nd who is beta ...

  63. ibps aim was to select the condidates..
    But this time seems to not to select any student...

  64. thank god i m not d only one...mujhko laga tha mera paper hi kharab hua h ....bt lagta h sach mein paper baut tough tha....thoda relax hun ab ....fingers crossd dekhte h ab result ka kya hoga?




  67. i agree.....i cud attempt only 17 questions from reasonin ..and 17 from maths..remainin 3 sections were easy as compared.....i did work hard yaar....

  68. yes this was very horrible po, people who attempted previous individual bank exams can came to know that this preperation is waste for ibps, if we put this previous individual exams it was almost 2yrs we got job, ibps is playing games with many lives. because so many number of people left their jobs and put their lives in ibps preperation, finally to lost their lives

  69. finally i decided i will never think for IBPS PO exam. sahi me kya faadu paper tha faad kr kab nikala ye bhi nhi pata chala ki paper ne hamari le li he jis pr to soch kr gye the is baar paper ki le ge

  70. In my openion, gk english and computer awareness were simple but reasoning and quantitative bothered me a lot. in the clerical cadre exam I have got 164 marks but i have failed in the reasoning for only 1 mark ie i have got only 23 . This time also, i am sure that i will fail in the reasoning section. They must consider overall score irrespective of this section wise score that will help the aspirants to secure a good future.

  71. the moment i entered in numerical analysis ocean i could not managed to get out of it for one and half hour hours. and i had left with only 1 hour for remaining four sections. somehow i managed to answer some of the questions from general awareness section and left three other sections unanswered. so i arrived at a conclusion that we should solve ibps paper in following preference--- computer knowledge, general awareness, English language, reasoning, numerical.............do you agree with the preference. please explain

  72. questn `11 answer:the italian ship killed two sailors.........

  73. Don't understand whether IBPS wants Bank Officers or IAS Officers, simply no hope for educated youth in country, no good jobs still how dare these politicians and bureacrats talk abt India Shining. Infact India will stumble if they can't secure future/career of their country youth.

  74. Ths ws rly vry vry tough paper,,i could clr english,ga n computr bt in maths n reasng i jst could attmpt 30 qustns in both,,ths is rly vry disapntng for me ..i rly wrkd hard for ths exm bt nw no chance,,for ths exm i dint join anywhr

  75. only one sitting arrangement related to uco,dena bank was easy

  76. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  77. This Year IBPS PO-2012 questions was very Hard.Many candidates were finding difficulty with the paper..Even then Cutoffs are not very low..Apart from practice, one needs to brush up with the concepts and apply Right Approach with Short cuts and Tricks whereever required.
    Learn the concepts with Tricks and Techniques with India's only Free online classes devoted to IBPS Exam apticlassonline.com

  78. wow whole discussion is so interesting....!! it incouraged me to appear for the next xam...if ny1 can tell, when will it held again??

  79. i want to know actually the banks really needed recuritment,if so then why the ibps is conducting so tough that no body will be getting the selection

  80. ya, the exam was tough according to the alloted time given to us . Really each and every question was time consuming.......

  81. hello sir when ibps(PO) result will be declared.........??

  82. really exam was very tough... I could do over all 120 questions nd was shocked bcoz attempted only 12 -15 questions in maths....no hope....

  83. when are the results going to be announced?

  84. satish
    yaro exam to really tough tha maza nahi aaya exam dene mein itna tough exam bana kr ye ibps wale dikhana kya chahte the pata nahi yaaro pass honge ya nahi But you guys again forced to Preparation from start


  85. When is the next ibps exam after 17th june?Anyone please let me know?

  86. yeah ibps po xam was so much tough.i was fresher but i hv prepared d whole xam pattern but test was not satisfectory..gen knowledge was also so tough including reasoning..

  87. hello friends....
    please, any one mail me.
    IBPS PO 2012 Question Paper of 17th June ( First Shift ) 2nd CWE for PO/MT with details of solution answer.
    My EMail ID : girishwww9@gmail.com

  88. plz all students confirm kar lijiye yeh halat po ki hui hai........clerk ka bhi paper koi asan nahi aane wala hai.......agar po ka koi standard hai to uske according clerk ka bhi standard maintain karega ibps.......
    jo pehle po me aata tha ab clerk me aayaga or jo ias pcs cat mat me aata wo po me aayega
    sanjeev pal

  89. What about results. When it will declared ?

  90. mai tripura mai rehataho mai kaha exam de sakta ho ibps ka plz tell me

  91. According to me IBPS is just a mirage of huge number of jobs which are just giving us a illusions of job.There is a harsh reality that out of lac of people thousands are getting job.
    IBPS previous year question paper

  92. Aur kitne din lagengey result ke liye

  93. When looking for a company that can help you in personnel selection, IBPS is the company that you are looking for. IBPS or Institute of Banking Personnel Selection is an independent company where their goal is to implement processes that can pass world class standards in personnel selection.previous question papers of IBPS

  94. why can't we can copy this Questions..

    pls make these questions PDF file or copyable data on the site....

    or mail me at


  95. frankly speaking,ibps is fraud

  96. Degree 55-60% is KILLING US!! IBPS has asked any DEGREE PASS as eligibility for appearing the PO exam..but all the banks are asking 55-60% as their eligibility criteria for getting recruited..i worked as an auto driver during my graduation and unfortunately completed in a pass class..now had worked for months preparing to get cleared in IBPS PO exam. but this is like killing me even with the score..everybody support candidates like us...please.

  97. Can any one confirm that English is only for qualifying? Or its marks are also added?
    My total is 152 on removing English marks, but IBPS has given me 151. I am confused... If any one can help...

  98. Is there is any reasoning part in the question paper given on 17th july 2012 please reply its urgent

  99. Could anyone please suggest the next IBPS PO exam 2013..Whether this exam will also be too tough like IBPS PO exam June'2012.?????/

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