Current Banking Awareness and Socio Economic Questions 2011 for IBPS Clerk Exam 2011

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In this article we are presenting the questions on Current Socio Economic and Banking Awareness events that happened in the month of October and September 2011.These questions are very useful for the upcoming IBPS clerk exam on 27th November 2011 because in General Awareness Section most of the questions are asked are Current-Socio Economic events.So you must study these questions and accordingly memorize them.

1). RBI on 16th September 2011 raised the Repo rate by 20 basis points which took the repo rate to -

(A) 8.00 %
(B) 8.25 %
(C) 8.50 %
(D) 8.75 %

2). The rate at which RBI gives short term loan to commercial banks is called

(A) Repo Rate
(B) Reserve Repo Rate
(C) Bank Rate
(D) Cash Reserve Rate

3). The Approach paper of 12th 5 year plan (2012-2017) proposes country`s average growth rate at

(A) 8.0%

(B) 8.5%

(C) 9.0%

(D) 9.5%

4). UNCTAD had forecasted India`s growth in 2011 at 8.6 % a year ago now UNCTAD has revised this growth rate at

(A) 8.0%

(B) 8.1%

(C) 8.2%

(D) 8.3%

5). At the end of March 2011,India`s external debt stock stood at

(A) US $ 298.6 billion

(B) US $ 300.9 billion

(C) US $ 305.9 billion

(D) US $ 311.6 billion

6). As on end march 2011,the percentage of short term debt to total debt stands at

(A) 21.2 %

(B) 20.0 %

(C) 19.3 %

(D) 18.9 %

7). Which of the following committee has proposed to abolish the distinction between the Plan and Non-Plan expenditure

(A) Suresh Tendulkar Committee

(B) Rangarajan Committee

(C) Rakesh Mohan Committee

(D) Usha Thorat committee

8). During April-July 2011 period, the core sector registered ............ growth against 6.5 growth is the same period last year

(A) 5.6 %

(B) 5.7 %

(C) 5.8 %

(D) 6.0 %

9). NTPC has decided to set up its first overseas power plant in

(A) Mauritius

(B) Sri Lanka

(C) Indonesia

(D) Kenya

10). During 2011,total farm exports of India stood at $ 21903 miilion which is ........ of total ountry`s export

(A) 8.68 %

(B) 9.32 %

(C) 9.96 %

(D) 10.03 %

11). On which one of the following "Head of the Expenses", the expenses of the Govt. of India are highest ?

(A) Food Subsidy

(B) Oil Subsidy

(C) Fertilizer Subsidy

(D) POL Subsidy

12). Under provisions of which one of the following acts the RBI issues directives to banks of India

(A) RBI Act

(B) RBI Regulation Act

(C) Essential Commodity Act

(D) RBI and Banking Regulation Act

13. Consider the following:

1. Repo Rate
2. Reverse Repo Rate
3. Cash Reserve Ratio
4. Statutory Liquidity Ratio

Which among the above are called Statutory Pre-emptions?
(A) 1 & 2
(B) 2 & 3
(C) 3 & 4
(D) 1 & 4

14). Which among the following body regulates Mutual Funds in India?


15). Which among the following was the main objective of the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003?

(A) Achieve Fiscal Surplus
(B) Eliminate Revenue deficit
(C) Eliminate Fiscal Deficit
(D) Stop Money Laundering

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