IBPS Clerk Question Paper of 27th November 2011 Review and Cut Off

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Institute of Banking Personnel and Selection (IBPS) is all set to conduct the first ever Common Written Exam for Clerks on 27th November 2011.Apart from 27th November the Exam is scheduled to held on 4th December and 12th December 2011.The pattern and nature of Question asked in the IBPS Clerk question paper for 27th November exam will be made available on this page soon after the exam is over.The IBPS Exam on 27th November 2011 will be held in Two (Morning and Evening) Shifts.

As all of us know that IBPS Clerk CWE Question Paper is to be handed over to the Examiner,soon after the exam is over.So we cannot publish here all the Questions asked in the IBPS Clerk Question Paper.Soon after the exam you can check this page for Reviews of IBPS Clerk Question paper of 27th November exam.

In order to provide reviews about the IBPS Clerk question paper,we invite all those candidates who are going to appear in the 27th November IBPS Clerk Exam.Students can also resume post exam discussion on this page soon after the exam is over.Candidates appearing for the IBPS Clerk Exam on 27th November 2011 must share their views about the Question papers either by posting their views in the Comment Section Given below or they can send their reviews to Admin at this ibpsportal@gmail.com Email Address.

You can also contribute to this page by posting some of the questions of General Awareness Section.You can also discuss about the Cut Off for the IBPS CWE for clerks on this page.Your reviews about the Question Paper will be helpful for our readers who are going to appear for the exam on 4th December and 12th December 2011

IBPS Question Papers:For the benefit of Students who are preparing for IBPS Exams 2012, we have found a IBPS Question Papers Website, that contains all the previous Question Papers of IBPS.Students must check this website regularly for Complete Package of IBPS Question Papers

IBPS Question Papers

Students going to appear in the IBPS CWE for Clerks on 27th November 2011 are requested to post their email address in the comment box given below and also they can send their reviews about the IBPS Clerk Question Paper to the IBPS Portal Admin at ibpsportal@gmail.com. Your reviews about the Question paper will be helpful for our readers.Students can also discuss the expected Cut Off of the IBPS Clerk exam 2011

Note: So students must bookmark this page and check this page in the evening of 27th November 2011 when we will post reviews and Cut OFF for IBPS clerk exam 27th November 2011.

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47 comments for "IBPS Clerk Question Paper of 27th November 2011 Review and Cut Off"

  1. Madan Ranaut Said:

    My Performance in IBPS Clerical exam held at 27.11.2011:

    Reasoning :33
    Math :37
    Computer :35
    English : 20

  2. g.a question papere

    1) net full form -net assets value
    2)indonesia ps- shushilo babang
    3)mgnarega links to -cpi
    4)bangladseh currency- taka
    5)RTGS max and min limit?
    6)EMI -equatted monthly installment
    7)isro related to space
    8)N in LNG?
    9)Rs 50 signature of -rbi governor
    10)foreign minister-sm krishna..
    11)dr. manmohan singh visted bangladesh for boundary resolution
    12)djokowich- lawn tennis
    13)r.k.narayan book-malgudi days
    14)CASA related work.............
    15)retails loans pertais which of the statement...
    16)housing loan provided by which bank-hdfc
    17)no-ball related to cricket?
    18)oil producer country-iran
    19) g20 summit in -france
    20)ECB -extrnal commercial borrwing
    21)gagan narang was awarded....rajiv gandhi khel ratna award
    22)award related to litersarutre-gyanpith award
    23) anushka sharma was awarded in iifa?
    24)unsc permanaet member-france
    25)imf h.q-washington dc
    26)dilma rouseff is first woman president -brazil
    27)opposition leader in parliament-shushma swaraj

  3. Reasoning :37
    Math :41
    Computer :45
    English : 22

  4. my performance in ibps clerk
    reasoning 37
    numarical ability 30
    gk 40
    comp 35
    english 30


  6. Standard of English and Reasoning question was high. Candidates who are going to appear for IBPS CWE on 4th Dec. have to practice English and Reasoning very much because this IBPS clerk exam is not similar clerk exam.

    My performance........
    N.A. -35

    good luck for those who are going to appea.........

  7. My performance today
    Resoning 30
    English 45
    Numerical 30
    Gk 40
    Computer 40


  9. Thanks Ravi for providing some useful questions of GENEREL AWARENESS OF IBPS Clerk exam held at 27-nov-2011

  10. I was a candidate on 27th Nov IBPS, according to my knowledge.....
    English was tough and Reasoning was easy but vast.. My performance...
    English- 27
    Math- 47
    GA- 37
    Computer- 47

  11. Indonesia president---Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
    IMF head quarter----Washington dc
    c-17 aircraft to be purchased from USA
    Bhaba atomic research center---Mumbai
    Mgnrega related to-wpi as cpi does not exist in our country
    g20 agriculture ministerial summit ----france
    casa is what type of account----I have answered as demand account...

  12. My performance today is---
    what is the rank that i should expect?

  13. Maths- 32
    Reasoning- 34
    GA- 32
    English- 45
    computer- 48

  14. According to me, English and computer part was very easy...
    My performance....

  15. pls take the required call letter, e-receipt, photocopies of photo identity proof without fail... without this u cant attend d exam.
    in my room, one girl couldn't attend d exam due to this...

    read the instructions carefully...

    world ozone day- 16th sep
    Bank which has more branches- SBI

  16. I am sure I can do better My exam date is 4 dec.....

  17. Thanks Ravi for providing some useful questions of GENEREL AWARENESS OF IBPS Clerk exam held at 27-nov-2011

    According to me, English and computer part was very easy...
    My performance....

  18. i think english part was very tough..
    my performance ,
    math- 38
    reasonong- 36
    computer- above 45
    general awareness- above 45
    english- 28 but i accept max 8 will be wrong.. so 28-8= 20, and 20-2=18

  19. Aswani.r
    my performance
    G.K- 42
    wat is the rank that i should expect.

  20. my performance
    so frds plzzzzzzzz tel me
    what is the rank that i should expect?

  21. Do we need to pass in every section of paper ?

  22. Do we need to pass out in every section,in this paper !!

  23. i did..
    reasoning -33
    english -40
    computers -40
    maths -35
    g.k -35

  24. computer-48
    according to me
    sum mistakes is there
    but g.k questions are unexpected

  25. 1. In FEMA m stands for? 2. India's nuclear agreement with? 3. Amitabh bachan won a national award for? 4. a popular cricketer? Malinga 5. Who among the following is a cabinet minister? 6. A cheque is valid for? 7. which of d following is nt a member of SAARC? 8. Rabbani who died recently was frm? 9. Which national Award is given to laxman? 10. largest sugarcane producer in india? 11. Kishanganj project that pak is opposing is in which state? 12. Which of the following bank was nt nationalized in 1969?

  26. Reasoning 35 NA 34 GA 37 English 49 Computer 42

  27. yaa...paper was tuf.
    i wrote on 27th aftrnn.
    my perfmnce is:
    gk 40+
    cmputers 40+
    eng 30 bt i wil get only 20 marks.
    english was unxpcted.
    not in regular manner.

  28. Yes Sunny bansal we need to pass out in every section,in this paper min 40% is compersely in all section

  29. contd..after ravi(morning shift)

    1)super senior citizen-80yrs
    2)term not of banking -fasting
    3)govt.undertaking- BHARAT ELECTRONICS LTD.
    4)why ATM r not famous in rural areas?
    5)FIFA is related to what?
    6)not a part of retail banking-infrastructure loan

  30. IBPS Expected Cut-Off Marks in Each section(After -ve Marks Calculation).

  31. i am a sc candidate annd i score 130-140 and attend 200question what is my chance for selecting in ibps clerk exam

  32. I am sure i will do the best. My examination is on 4th dec.

  33. plzzzzzzzz give me some tips all of u i am having my exam on 11th dec. its my first time

  34. sanjana,

    i 2 attended it 4 d 1st time...

    my idea is just practice 2 complete english, gk & computer within an hour.. so dat u can get nearly 1 1/2 hrs 4 reasoning & NA. Check out how many problems u can solve in dis idea using previous questions...

    Previous day of ur exam, just read the instructions carefully & stable the call letter, e-receipt & photo copies of photo identity proof. Keep ur original photo identity proof with u. write ur roll no. & reg. no. on the back of receipt & photo copies. Fix ur photo in ur call letter & sign across it. Tear the bottom of ur call letter which they mentioned to keep 4 future use.

    keep extra pencils, pens, sharpeners & erasers. y iam saying is u can reduce the pressure while u r in d exam hall...

    i saw many of them were worried to fix photograph, to take photo copies in my room... u have 2 b very cool while attending ur exam. just dont worry about anything... dont check any formulas last minute... just relax & attend..

    i attended english, gk, computer in 1 hr & 10 minutes... remaining i tried to do my best in reasoning & NA..

    fill the sample answer sheet & keep it with u.. dis will reduce much tension..

    All the very best... do well..

  35. exam was very easy compared to ibps po
    i attended

  36. Hey guys...its nice to see ur experiences here in IBPS clerical 2011 exam...I wna know r u guys talking abt the attempted questions or abt correct questions above(like Reasoning-33,NA-34...).Does any1 here know the exact date of getting IBPS clerk 2011 exam results out???....

  37. hi my self abhilash
    my performance in ibps:
    reasoning 40
    math 45
    g.k 45
    english 35
    computer 41

  38. I think All banks should take clerical exam respectively, I DO NOT SUPPORT IBPS, They got a GOOD CHANCE TO EARN MONEY.

  39. i wrote ibps on 4th dec. eveng batch ....exam is ok.. can any one tell how the ranks will b issued after getting qualified in all sections.. hw thy give ranks for different sessions on different days ...

    i attempted reasoning - 40 aptitude -40 English -35 g.k -35 computers -40

  40. yes i totally agree with u nilesh....wish IBPS students wont get a gud chance to show up ther skills in banking xmz....as fara as seperate banking xmz r concerned like previous yrs...they cn get gud chances...

  41. guys any1 here remember the serial no. of exactly this particular question in ur 27 nov morning shift IBPS clerical exam...plz do reply if any1 out thre knows????
    (In how many different ways can the letters of the word "XXXX" be arranged?)

  42. my scorecard is:

  43. Sir, my score in ibps exam is 176. Rea-33, eng-38, na-30, ga-41, com. know-34

  44. i have got 167 marks in ibps clerk exam in obc Category what is my chance

  45. i got 144 in ibps clerical..in general gategory..what are the chances..anybody tell me

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