IBPS Clerk Interview 2012 Questions-Tips for a Sucessful IBPS Bank Interview

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Do's and Don't s of a Successful Bank Interview

Those who have been called for an  Bank Clerk Interview must always bear in mind the most important thing about it – Nobody gets a second chance to make the first impression. Now the questions arise-what should an Interviewee do to make powerful first impression? A candidate has to remember many things in order to emerge victorious in an Interview. There are many Dos and Don’ts.


1). While preparing for an Interview, you should always plan to leave for the Interview always in advance. If your Interview involves travel or you think there might be some change with regard to the timing, get confirmed and make arrangements for arriving at the venue well before time.

2). Before the interview actually begins, you should greet the Interviewers and ask their permission to seat yourself. Thank them for granting you the opportunity, before you get started.

3). Skilled and experienced Interviewers are also experts on body language, so be sure to sit properly i.e always sit upright and maintain a good posture.

4). Always maintain an eye contact with the Interviewer. Always answer their questions looking in their eyes to communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly.

5). Your Interviewers always expect that you have got the required enthusiasm, so you should never miss any opportunity to display your enthusiasm. Have positive attitude towards all the exercise, because it is your attitude that sets the tone for the entire Interview regardless of the time taken. Keep smiling all through and say things like:

(a) “I am excited to be here!”
(b)  “I am thrilled to get interviewed for this opportunity”
(c) “This is exactly what I have been looking for !”


1. Being late is the greatest drawback, so never be late. Always make sure that you understand the local traffic patterns and give yourself plenty of time to arrive at your destination 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. In the case of an unforeseen event, you must call the the concerned office and let your Interviewers know the facts.

2. Getting casual does not get in your favor. Remember the common courtesy to stand until either you are asked to be seated or sit after your host/ Interviewers seat themselves. Do not slouch or lean over when seated.
3. Complaining is a bad habit, therefore avoid it.Good Interviewers pick on everything you say. Each casual reference to heavy traffic, a bad morning or a hectic schedule-all are seen as negatives by the Interview board.

Attire-Related Dos and Don’ts

After these common Dos and Don’ts comes the turn of your attire. Never forget that how to present yourself in an interview is just as important as what you say. An expert has said ---“if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good you will play well. If you play well, you win. The same can hold true for an interview as well.
Actually the image you present carries over to your confidence level and your performance is direct result. Here are some do’s and don’ts about the interview dress.


1). Cloths you wear should fit correctly in other words they should have been recently tailored.

2). Clothes should be already for the occasion i.e. you should get your clothes ready the night before in order to save time that you might have to spend to get ready on the day of the interview.
3). Check if your belt and shoes have any scuff marks and polish them accordingly.
4). Bring a breath mint and use it before you enter the building.


1). Avoid wearing any part of your dress, if you did not use it before this interview.
2). Never wear a brown belt or brown shoes, if you wear a blue suit. If you are a women, you should not wear stiletto heels.
3). Never wear short sleeved shirts with suit, sport coat or tie. In the case of woman, they should never wear a sleeveless blouse, if they intend to take their jackets off.
4). You should go easy on the perfume, after shave or cologne.

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10 comments for "IBPS Clerk Interview 2012 Questions-Tips for a Sucessful IBPS Bank Interview"

  1. sir i got 141(obc,ANDHRAPRADESH) can i apply for BOB

  2. Sir, I have registered in online form of ibps year of passing as 2005 instead of 2008 in clerical exam. when i attend interview it gives any problems...


    Githa MBA

  3. i get 153 in ibps clerk & belongs to st categary may i hope to get call from bank plz reply

  4. i m belomg from SC and workink with private sector bank as a Branch Manager and my wife got 118 marks in ibps clerk may i hope to get call from bank plz reply

  5. Application has been wrongly filled with bank details. Need to edit or fill another application.But, it told “you have successfully submitted your application”.
    Actually, i didn’t pay 150 Rs yet. I cannot apply once more or edit my application.
    I am ready to pay and resubmit my application. What is the way?

    please allow me to edit my application or resubmit my application. i am an eligible candidate, who by mistake filled the application wrongly. My score is 162.Please provide me solution soon. i have only few days to apply. I have no one to ask about this except you. I am eagerly awaiting your reply.

  6. sir i got 141(obc,ANDHRAPRADESH) bave any chance to call interview?

  7. very useful matter for IBPS interview

  8. what is the expected date of bank of india ibps clerks interview results that were held from 11/06/2012 to 19/06/2012

  9. what is the expected date of bank of india ibps clerks interview results that were held between 11/06/2012 to

  10. hi friends this is sanjay singh from shillong,meghalaya
    i gave the interview on 10/9/2012 in shillong for state bank of india-clerk
    the questions asked wer-
    1. what are the function of rbi
    2. what is internet
    3. tell me the name of some software and hardware
    4. name some foreign bank, private banks
    5. name different types of bank
    6. why do u want to join bank
    7. who is the education minister of meghalaya
    8. positive and negative qualities in u
    9. who is the chairman of sbi
    10. tell me some thing abt meghalaya
    11. tell me indian software company
    12. why tomato is red
    13. from wer potato and orange are origanited
    14. what is cloning and symbiosis
    15. what is tisssue culture
    16. how many district are there in meghalaya
    17. what is the solgan of sbi
    18. what is inclusive growth
    19. difference between primary and secondary market
    20. difference between draft ant cheque
    21. difference between neft and rtgs

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