RBI 29th April 2012 GA Question Paper useful for IBPS and SBI Exam 2012

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RBI had conducted the Written Exam today  i.e on 29th April, 2012.The Question paper is simple and all the questions in the 5 sections are relevant and can be attempted with ease.Since the exam is of 2 hours, so the time management is key factor for this exam.RBI Assistant Exam on 29th April, 2012 is being conducted on two shifts i.,e Morning and Evening

The Question paper for RBI's Assistant Exam 2012 is set by IBPS, so those students who are preparing for SBI Assistant Exam 2012 and IBPS PO Exam June 2012, must through the General Awareness Questions of Today's RBI Paper as it will help them in their preparation for the Upcoming IBPS and SBI Exams 2012.

I also appeared for the RBI Assistant Exam in the morning shift at the Jammu center.As all of us know the Question Paper is to be handed over to the Examiner after the exam, so getting the Complete Question Paper is difficult, but i memorized some of the Questions that were asked in the General Awareness Section.

Here are some of the Questions that were asked in the General Awareness Section of the RBI Assistant Exam Question Paper of 29th April, 2012.However, the maximum number of Questions asked in the section is 40

1). Who is the present Solicitor-General of India ?

2). Who among the Following is the Deputy Governor of RBI ?

3). With Which country, USA called off the war after 9 years ?

4). Which among the Following is not the Currency of any country ?

5) To which country did USA asked India to stop importing crude oil ?

6) Which among the following terms is associated with the game of Cricket ?

7). Dipika who recently won the Crocodile Challenge Cup 2012 is associated with which game ?

8). Winner of Padam Vibhushan Award 2012 ?

9) Who among the following won the Nobel Prize 2011 for Literature ?

10). Which actress won the National Film Award 2011 ?

11). Who among the following the President of a country ?

12) India recently started a nuclear plant at ?

13) Which county launched tiangpong I in Orbit ?

14) Recently China Started Seychelles >project at which Sea ?

15) Sachin Scored his 100th ton against which country ?

16) India's Credit Rating agency ?

17) Newly Elected Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh ?

18) Meaning of alphabet F in NBFC ? 

19) Essential requirement to involve poor people in Financial Inclusion ?

20) Author of the Book Malgudi Days ?

21) Who among the following is the author of India Origin ?

22) The Objective of Signing Kyoto Protocol ?

23) Which among the following is the member country of the BRICS ?

24) Scheme to attract more Children to the School ?

25) Functions of the NABARD Bank ?

26) Scheme to make India Slum Free ?

27) Which is not directly related to RBI ?

28) Govt of India had recommended to bring a new act in ?

29) Which country will host the 2018 Common Wealth Games ?

30) With Which cup is the game of Lawn Tennis Associated ?

31) What is the Unit of Measurement of Heat ?

32) Smallest coin in India ?

33) Which among the following words is related to economics ?

Update: These are the 33 Questions that are asked in the RBI Question Paper of 29th April, 2012.I will update this page with more questions soon.If any one of the readers have appeared in the RBI Assistant Exam of 29th April, 2012, then they are invited to Share the Questions in the Comment Section given below

Preparing for and SBI Assistant Exam and IBPS PO Exam 2012 ?

If you are going to appear in the IBPS Exam 2012 and SBI Exams 2012, then you must also go though the IBPS PO Question Paper 2012 and the IBPS Clerk General Awareness Questions 2011 given below.These Question Papers will give you an idea about the nature of the Questions asked in the exam and will boost your preparation strategy for the Upcoming Exams

IBPS PO Previous Question Paper of 2011 (Useful for IBPS PO Exam June 2012)
IBPS Clerk Question Paper 2011 (Useful for SBI Clerk Exam May-June 2012)

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25 comments for "RBI 29th April 2012 GA Question Paper useful for IBPS and SBI Exam 2012"

    A.01 dec b.01 mar c 01 apr d. 01 may e. none of these

    ans 01 dec

  2. which of the following is NOT a highlight of union budget 2012?
    1>All loans upto Rs.35lakh is charged an interest of 6% only
    2>No change in corporate tax rates
    3>fiscal deficit at 5.1% of GDP
    4>propose to raise service tax rate to 12% from 10%
    5> none of these
    Ans. 1

  3. in which sector Govt of India has decided to build an advisory committee?
    1>higher education
    2>secondary education
    3>medical education
    4>primary educatiom
    5>adult education

  4. Evening shif an important question 'Bhelupur' which was recently in news where Indian origin PM kamala perssad bissaesser visited is in?????


  5. Thanks for the questions mate. But I also appeared for the exam today but it seems not even 1 question seems to be matching. May be there were sets of papers.

  6. Who among the following is not a p.m of a country.
    A. David camaron B. Sushilo banbang c. Sheikh hasina D. Mykol azarov E. Najib razak

  7. which term is not used in RBI?

  8. meaning of alphabet F in NEFT.

    Ans: Funds

  9. in which sector Govt of India has decided to build an advisory committee?
    1>higher education
    2>secondary education
    3>medical education
    4>primary educatiom
    5>adult education

    anybody knows the amswers:-

  10. who is the arjuna awardee??
    ans-jwala gutta


    ANS-FEB 28

  12. in which sector Govt of India has decided to build an advisory committee?
    1>higher education
    2>secondary education
    3>medical education
    4>primary educatiom
    5>adult education
    ans- 5. Adult education

  13. which awardee is given in field of coaching??

  14. who is the arjuna awardee??

    option inlcludes zaheer khan also.........is they r asked abt the playr frm badminton????????????????

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. CTBT related to

    NUclear test ban

  17. Never became an RBI governer amoung following
    1)Subbarao 2)Manmohan singh 3)Subin gokharan 4) bimal jalan 5)none

    Subin gokran

  18. 1.infrastructure not include-textile
    2. rafel is-fighting aircraft

  19. 1. Who is the CM from recently concluded assembly elections - Prakash Singh Badal
    2. World Science Day - 28 Feb
    3. Which Actress get national award - Bidya Ballan
    4. Badminton Player got Arjun Award- Jala Guta
    5. Which notes not issued by RBI – Rs 5000/-
    6. In NEFT F means - Funds
    7. Man broker prize - Jullian
    8, World Atheltic meet 2017 will be held at -London
    9. Rural sanitation scheme comes through which Govt scheme - Swajall dhara
    10. Who is the cabinet secretary of india - Ans Non of these
    11. Not a word in lawn tennis - Short pitch ball
    12. Unit measurement of electricity - Ampere
    13 Who among the following player is of India Origin?—Baichung Bhutia
    14 Like RBI which bank is same in USA - Fedral Reserve
    15 President of Russia - Vladimar Plutin
    16 Sardar Sarobar Dam in which river - Narmada river
    17 which is the Books on the following written by Chetan Bhagat -
    18. which country not supply uranium to India – China
    19 Who is never Governer of RBI - Dr BD XXXXXXXXXXX
    20. Main functions of RBI –
    21. Bhelupur is the village in which President of Tribnidad & Tabago visited recently - in Bihar
    22. Award given for literature - Kalidas suman
    23. Which country host recently asia pacific meeting recently -
    24. Which among is a SARRC countries = Maldavies
    25. who is not a president of a country –
    26. stocks related matter looked by - SEBI
    27. Player from which country won syed modi open badminton championship -
    29 which is not part of Olympic games – Cricket
    30. which company will no longer getting infrastructure status - Electricity
    31. Which Indian cricketer retired recently - Rahul Dravid
    32. What is the function of SIDBI- to help small scale companies?

  20. 33.Scheme for rural handicraft
    34.Trophy related to cricket - Dalip trophy
    35.Why people in rural area hesitates to open a/c in banks
    37.Which on is the banking term - LAF
    38. $500 mn grant to india from for road & rail construction- ADB
    39.Scheme only for credit to farmers - KVP - kisan vikas patra
    40.Movie name of shahrukh khan - don-2

  21. please update the answer of no.22,34 its saraswati samman and champions trophy........and for the rbi governer its manmohan singh

  22. Mr. unknown fool champion`s trophy also happens in hockey, so the answer no. 34(Duleep Trophy) is correct nd the person not being an rbi governor is subeer gokarn, bcauz he is deputy governor.

  23. for 18th one answer is australia and 22nd is saraswati samman

  24. Novel written by V S Naipaul

    House for Mr Biswas

  25. the above Q9 Swajal dhara deals with rural drinking water program...............It is Nirmal Gram Puraskar

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