20 Expected Current Affairs Questions 2012 for IBPS PO Exam

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In our previous post, on IBPS PO General Awareness preparation, we have discuss in detail the preparation strategy to be used for the preparation of this section.At least 60 to 70 % Questions in General Awareness section are asked on Current Affairs, so we can say that Current Affairs are the backbone of this section.In this post, we are publishing, the 20 Expected Questions on Current Affairs.

Students must go through these questions and remember them accordingly as some of them may appear in the IBPS PO 2012 Question Paper.

1.) On 10th February, 2012 DRDO had successfully test fired

(a) Prithivi Missile
(b) Agni Missile
(c) Interceptor Missile
(d) None of the Above

2). Recently the Central Government of India had approved a policy that allows Security Agencies to share data and information in both human readable and machine readable formats

(a) National Data Sharing and Accessibility Policy
(b) National Knowledge Network
(c) National Data Sharing and Controlling Policy
(d) None of the Above

3). How many Telecom Licenses were recently cancelled by the Honorable Supreme Court that were issued by former Telecom Minister A Raja

(a) 122 Licenses
(b) 123 Licenses
(c) 124 Licenses
(d) 125 Licenses

4). C.R Sundarnati Committee is associated with

(a) CWG Scam
(b) Adarash Land Scam
(c) Government Accounting Norms
(d) None of the Above

5). According to estimate by the Union Government, the Economic Growth Rate for the 2010-11 Financial year will be

(a) 8.4 %
(b) 9.4 %
(c) 8.6 %
(d) 9.6 %

6) Who among the Following is the winner of the Vyas Samman 2012?

(a)  A A Manalvalan
(b)  Ramdrash Mishra
(c)  Vishwanath Prasad Tiwari
(d)  None of the Above


7). Who among the following is the winner of National Snooker Title ?

(a) Kamal Chawla
(b) Aditya Mehta
(c) Pankaj Advani
(d) None of the Above

8). The winner of Duleep Trophy this year is:

(a) North Zone
(b) Central Zone
(c)  East Zone
(d)  West Zone

9). Which Indian state had recently launched Food Fortification Programme:

(a) Andhra Pradesh
(b) West Bengal
(c)  Rajasthan
(d)  Gujarat

10). According to the ASSOCHAM report, which Indian state had topped in Investment Proposal for the year 2011?

(a) Maharashtra
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c)  Karnataka
(d)  Gujarat

11). The President of which among the following countries had resigned following protests against his decision to sack a judge whom he accused of favoring the opposition

(a) Malaysia
(b) Maldives
(c) Myanmar
(d) Indonesia

12). Which company had recently won the multi-billion dollar deal to supply combat planes to IAF is:

(a) Dassault Rafale
(b) Boeing Company
(c) AI Mooney
(d) Bombardier Aerospace

13). The British singer who won the six awards at the 54th Grammy Awards is :

(a) Jessie J
(b) Tinie Tempah
(c) Lily Allen
(d) Adele

14). Which country had recently launched three nuclear projects, including a fourth generation ultra centrifuge capable of enriching the uranium faster than its earlier models

(a) Isreal
(b) South Korea
(c) Iran
(d) Palestine

15). Recently a former Indian Tennis Player is awarded Top International Olympic Award for helping and encouraging disadvantaged girls to participate in different sports ?

(a) Ankita Bhambri
(b) Tara Iyer
(c) Manisha Malhotra
(d) Isha Lakhani

16). Who among the following is the Winner of the Laureaus World Sportsman of the year 2012?

(a) Michael Schumacher
(b) Usain Bolt
(c) Rafael Nadal
(d) Novak Djokovic

17). Which movie had bagged the Maximum BAFTA Awards in 2012 ?

(a) The King’s Speech
(b) The Artist
(c) Hurt Locker
(d) Slum dog Millionaire

18) Which among the following African countries is the winner of the African Cup of Nation (Football) is :

(a) Zambia
(b) Kenya
(c) Ivory Coast
(d) Ghana

19). Who among the following is the winner of the Under-21 Squash World Cup this year ?

(a) USA
(b) Egypt
(c) India
(d) Brazil

20). Which among the following is the venue of the 84th Academy Awards 2012 ?

(a) Hollywood and Highland Center
(b) Kodak Theater
(c) Shrine Auditorium
(d) Dorothy Chandler Pavilion

Update: We will continue to provide more and more questions on current affairs in our future posts.So keep checking IBPS Portal , regularly if you do not want to miss any Current Affairs Questions 2012

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  1. thanks .....but answer for question 11th and 17th are incorrect (same as of ques.above ) .... and answer for 20th question is not given ....

  2. @ Kirti: I have scanned through all the questions and wrong answers for Q No. 11 and 17 have been corrected.

    More Quizzes like this will be provided soon.Keep Checking regulary

    Thanks and Regards
    Admin, IBPS Portal



  4. plz provide something for sbi clerk exam....

  5. Thanks this blog is really helpful for IBPS PO exam....

  6. @kirti ,all the answers are correct.I have personally searched all.Dont misguide others

  7. all these updates are fabulous.but i want some more questions related to banking sector.the type of questions we have seen in last IBPS PO exam.
    i.e.commitees,banking terms,new schemes etc.


  8. thanks this info is really helpful for me please provide some more questions related to banking terminologies

  9. Thanks for the valuable information,plz provide us more current information related to banking sectors which are expected to cum in upcuming exams


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  15. Nice... I really gained knowledge through this.. Still v except more info from u...

  16. nice and helpful material.. plz provide us wid sum more gud ques

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    to share this valuable information...
    please share related to banking sector's term and rules...

  18. hii i have some doubts .. kindly clarify the same ..(SPECIALIST OFFICERS 2013 RECRUITMENT)
    1) what is the difference between IT OFFICER and TECHNICAL OFFICER?
    2) also what is the difference in the role and responsibilities of these two above posts
    4)Spleailist officer and Probationary officers are different in what respect
    5)where can we get the cut off score for the CWE exam of previous years for these banks ?
    6)is there sectional cut off in this exam or overall marks are considered ?
    7)how should we prepare for general awareness?

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