15 Computer Questions asked in SBI Clerk Exam on 27th May, 2012

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Students who are going to appear in the SBI Clerk Exam on 3rd June, 2012 are busy in giving the final touch to the preparation and revising the Syllabus to ensure their success in the SBI Clerk Exam.Students are advised in their own interest to go through the previous Question Paper of SBI Clerk Exam because Previous paper gives you an idea about the Pattern and nature of Questions asked in the exam

In our previous post, we have published the General Awareness Questions asked in the SBI Clerk Exam on 27th May, 2012.In this article, we will pen down the Computer Awareness Questions of the SBI 27th May Exam.

In our discussion with the students who have appeared for the SBI Clerk Exam on 27th May, 2012, it comes to fore that Question Paper was very easy and if the paper is attempted with proper Time Management, one finds it easy to sail through.

The appearing students  informed that In General Awareness Section, questions are asked on the Last Six months Current Affairs and in the Computer and Marketing Section, Questions are asked from previous question papers.So students appearing for Clerk Exam on 3rd June, 2012, must go through the previous Marketing and Computer Question.

Here is the List of 100 Most Expected Computer Questions with Answers

Here are 15 Computer Questions that were asked in the SBI Clerk Exam on 27th May, 2012 

 Q1) Which of these is not included in computer tower____?

Q2) which memory is used during computer start up___?

Q3) Why is RAM called so___?

Q4) Which among the following is a feature of SD-RAM___?

Q5) Which type of devices are CD & DVD____?

Q6) Which of the following does only read function___?

Q7) Which of the language is easily relocated___?

Q8) Web Pages can be viewed with the help of ?

Q9) Which of these is the most expensive computer?

10) Which of the following is not computer language ???

11) Speed of micro processor measured in ?

12) Which memory is lost wen the computer is turned off___?

13) Which of the following uses computer line for connection___?

14) Performing multiple tasks at same time___?

15) Internet can be connected with PC through___?

16) Installed bug software can be repaired through ?

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2 comments for "15 Computer Questions asked in SBI Clerk Exam on 27th May, 2012"

  1. Thanks for sharing these questions, but where are the answers?

  2. 2-ROM
    11-Ghz(GIGA HERTZ)

    Rest questions can't be answered Correctly without getting the options.

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